Make Sure About That Curb Appeal


It can often happen that an agent drives up his buyers to show your nice home for sale, and the buyers say, "No. I won't go in. This doesn't appeal to me." Now, just because they are willing to go in doesn't mean they're going to buy it, but if they won't go in, that makes it pretty certain they won't buy it. So let's make sure your home looks as inviting as possible. I've got a guy who does curb appeal staging, but usually you don't need that. Here's an article with some suggestions on what NOT to do. If you think they're self-evident, that's a good sign. But you might be amazed at what goes on out there. It's not always pretty. So check out the link. If it doesn't click through, just copy it into your browser.

If you're thinking of selling and need some help figuring out how to do that, give me a call. That's what I'm here for. -- DeVallon