For Chicken Lovers (Not me!)


Here's a recipe for you, not me. Everyone who knows me knows I don't like chicken. I was frightened by a chicken as a child. From the age of 4 through 8, I went to a small school in Washington, D.C. where we had a hot lunch everyday. Every Thursday, as the budget for the week got a little low, we'd have creamed chicken. It was made of dark meat with some kind of creamy gravy and we were forced to eat every last scrap. It made me gag. I could not stand it. I do my best not to eat chicken ever since. It's just one of those little eccentricities that make me so charming.

But for you chicken lovers.out there (and I know you're there, because you're always trying to get me to eat it) here's a recipe from American Lifestyle magazine that looks pretty good. Click the link. Let me know if you like it

Have a great day.